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Vex 3

4.7/5 - (3 votes)

About Vex 3 game

4.7/5 - (3 votes)

Vex 3Vex 3 is the third addition to the adventurous Vex game series and it was released in August 2014. Just like Vex and Vex 2, this one also features a black stickman and your aim is to make him travel through as many terrains as you can. You will be facing different kinds of challenges with every new stage which requires skill to pass through. With Vex 3, the Achievement system has been replaced by Trophies and a total of 39 goals are available for you to achieve.

How To Play

You can simply use the arrow keys (or W-A-S-D buttons) to move the black stickman. You need to jump from side to side to climb up the walls.

Tips & Tricks

– Orange Blocks help you jump very high.

– Purple Blocks are the weakest and they will fall down the moment you step on them.

– You can use any wooden box as a platform in order to jump over a difficult location by kicking it to the desired location.

This is the unblocked version of the game. If you love Vex 3 then get ready to experience the unblocked version by downloading it from here.