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About Zombs.io game

4/5 - (1 vote)

Zombs.io is a simple survival game in which you control one character while establishing a base to survive waves of zombies. Controls are simple, and the game can be played using just the WASD keys and a mouse or trackpad.

A small menu is displayed at the bottom of the screen showing the buildings that can be constructed, how many of them based on the resources available and the number of resources gathered.

Tips & Tricks

zombs.ioBefore the first wave of zombies arrives, the player is tasked with gathering some resources to establish a base. There are several types of offensive buildings to choose from to kill zombies and most of them can be upgraded. Resources can be streamlined and gathering can be automated using special robots that the player can build as the game progresses.

Each wave of zombies will award the player with a certain quantity of gold. Gold can be used for upgrades or to fuel automated buildings. In zombs.io each wave becomes increasingly more difficult to motivate the player to gather more resources, upgrade buildings and strengthen his stronghold.