Zombocalypse 2

4.3/5 - (3 votes)

About Zombocalypse 2 game

4.3/5 - (3 votes)

Zombocalypse-2Assuming that a lot of you guys have seen or heard about zombies, and you imagine yourself on the ground surrounded by the zombie horde, what will you do? This game can put you in that dream just by clicking on button play. It’s called Zombocalypse 2.

This is a sequel to the original Zombocalypse game and it’s unblocked and free to play right now. Moving left or right, keeping the distance of the enemies by ripping their heads off using a weapon that comes from the air and surviving, it’s what makes this game all about.

You can carry just one weapon at a time and shoot all the bullets in order to pick the second one or you can trust your machete. To move use left or right arrow keys on the keyboard, down to pick up the gun, space to fire and when the zombies push you, just press the up arrow key for the backup.