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About Warbot.io game

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Set in a battle arena, join in the fun as you battle with other players for the #1 spot on the leader board.

How To Play

Using the WASD for movement

Left-click to Fire

Right-click to enable/disable the auto-lock or free-roam aim.

Upon first entering the game, you first see your character in the middle, the battle modes on the right (Free For All, Last One Standing, Training, etc) and on the left are your Warbot’s upgrades, as you gain points in the game, you can upgrade your Warbot.

Tips & Tricks

#1 – dodge forward and hit your opponent with 3 blasts

#2 – after you fire, dodge immediately back to avoid getting hit back

#3 – if you want to be a little bit more aggressive, dodge forward, attack, dodge forward and attack.

#4 – stay away from the holes in the arena, if you fall. You die!

#5 – when you are at a higher level with higher amounts of ammo, only shoot in 3 blasts per sequence. Do not shoot all, you’ll need some just in case, your opponent gets aggressive.

In-game Upgrades

Within the game, the arena is little blocks that are colored; blue, red, yellow and a purple box.

Blue is to Upgrade your Defenses. Making your bigger, stronger and harder to kill. You will need 5 of these to upgrade.

Red increase your Attack power, and the amount of ammo you get. Collect 5 of these to increase your power.

Yellow is the gold, the points where you can upgrade your Warbot’s overall look.

Purple Box is a mystery upgrade, were at random, you may get a shield, extra defense, and so on. It’s a definite must-get if you want to be #1.