Vex 4

4.5/5 - (2 votes)

About Vex 4 game

4.5/5 - (2 votes)
Vex 4Vex 4 provides one with an amazing gaming platform where you can jump, swim, run, climb and even fly. This is a whole new world that will offer you with various challenges and obstacles to overcome. How fast your reflexes are will determine the outcome of each level. What attracts players mostly in previous vex games has been the complexity of the missions. The question is are you ready for some guidance on how to win?

Game guidelines

Missions are doable as this game offers you notes as you play to guide you. However, notes will only be visible at the very beginning of the game to help you get used to playing the game. As one progresses into the game you will encounter checkpoints that come in for of red flags that turn green to mark all your achievements. The best part about checkpoints is that every time you make a mistake and have to play again one does not need to go to the starting line; you go to the nearest checkpoints.
Pedestals are there to help you jump as high as possible each time you step into them. Finally, colorful arrows that guide you on the direction to take. Hope this helps you get Vex 4 unblocked championship.