Unfair Mario

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About Unfair Mario game

5/5 - (2 votes)

Unfair MarioEver had fun playing Mario? Well, here is news, there now exists an unfair version of the game. That’s right! Unfair Mario was named so because of its numerous hidden traps. One minute you are crossing across a bridge gleefully, and the next moment the grass beneath you shifts. Of course, when you restart the game, you want to avoid the portion where you lost the grass, but surprise! The grass this time remains intact and actually saves you from a bunch of swords coming out of a block you avoided. Now, that’s unfair!

The unblocked version has ten levels, and you get infinite lives¬†because you quickly lose them. You start the game by hitting ‘Space’ and continue to move ahead by using the left and right arrow keys. There might be places where you need to jump on a block, where you must use your up arrow key. When faced with an obstacle, you must lose a life, and restart the game. The good thing is every level has a couple of checkpoints, which let you restart from there instead of the beginning, once you have crossed them.

A quick trick to get past a level is that when you restart it, take a quick glance towards the right, it shows you all the hidden obstacles for a fraction of a second. If you can remember them, you are good to go!