Tank Trouble

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About Tank Trouble game

5/5 - (3 votes)

tank troubleFashioned off the framework of arcade platforms of yesteryears, Tank Trouble is a multiplayer game where opponents drive around in tanks maneuvering a maze-like battlefield whilst shooting at each other using bouncy bullets in an attempt to rake higher kill counts.

The 4th version of the series is unblocked and makes up the final chapter of this timeless classic which avails a trio of play options including a single player mode where you go up against the formidable computer AI Laika and 2 players or 3 players alternatives where you play against friends.

The key to success in this game lies in firing bullets sparingly, lest you be stranded in a shootout, keeping your distance and moving after firing since most of the time bullets ricochet back to the same spot.

tank trouble controls
While special weapons give you an extra edge over your opponent, they can be a trap which you can use your advantage particularly against Laika who has a penchant for them. All in all, the game is fun and witty.

As rumors said there will be released a new updated version which is going to be named Tank Trouble 5, so stay tuned as we’ll be one of the first providing it’s unblocked version to you.