Run 3

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About Run 3 game

5/5 - (1 vote)

Run 3This current Run 3 game is the unblocked version of the third installment of the Run series, which is essentially an endless runner variety where you take on the role of a little grey alien called Skater (among a number of other 9 playable characters) scouring through cosmic tunnels dotted with black gaps and collapsing tiles.

The plot revolves around a group of aliens trying to find their way back home with another group set on exploring the mysterious wormhole in the horizon and the game offers two modes of play namely infinite and explore mode.

The latter contains the main storyline while the infinite option is an endless subplot for collecting platform currency called power cells.

Gameplay is rather straightforward but quite challenging as you use the arrow keys to work your way forward. If you aim to really excel particularly at the higher levels, it is prudent to keep jumping to a minimum and get around gaps and tiles by swerving onto other lanes as much as possible which offers more precise control in comparison