Head Soccer

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About Head Soccer game

1/5 - (1 vote)

head soccerThe problem of most the games is that some are just easy to play, some are boring and some brings us that joy of playing for hours. Today, I’ve got something fresh for everyone, especially soccer fans. The game is called Head Soccer and it’s unlocked so you can start to play it right now.

In the beginning, you can notice that miniature Football heads bobblehead with famous faces like Messi, Ronaldo, and others. When you click the button to play, the game starts. There are instructions for how to play a game. In order to win, you must force many balls into your opponent’s goal within 2 minutes.

To get better and make it easier to score a goal because it is hard to predict a ball path, there are some special movements when you jump with a ball on it like speed boost, increased jump, breaking an opponent’s leg and achieve far more extreme skills. You can play it versus computer or you can enjoy with your friend’s one-on-one games. You can also play tournaments to win some prizes.