G Switch 3

About G Switch 3 game

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G Switch 3Another platform game! But this time G switch 3 (unblocked) delivers a magnificent style of art design and gameplay that will captivate you for a lot of hours! What is there to say about this game, really fast and exciting gameplay that will demand your full concentration in order for you to move further on!

You are using a character that resembles a robot and who apparently has gravity designed shoes, Those shoes allow you to stay on the ground and jump whenever you choose to. But beware! Jumping from the ground without finding a new surface to collide with will lead to you flying into the stratosphere and losing the game!

On the way, you will find some laser portals, once you are through them they will deliver a certain way of gameplay on which you must adapt, sometimes its a different pace of running and others a duplication of your character etc. There is a lot to find on about, once you master this game you will be really excited for its successor G switch 4 that is soon to be released!