Dead Zed 2

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About Dead Zed 2 game

3/5 - (2 votes)

Dead Zed 2Dead Zed 2 is a survival game that involves shooting the zombie apocalypse while exploring dangerous places. This game comes with distinct gameplay and graphics that enables you to get the best of the great survival adventure. Though the game might be a bit simpler at the beginning, it gets harder and better as you navigate through the next levels.

To make through a level successfully, you are required to have great shooting skills as the zombies come in different angles. Again in this game, you will have a chance to use different weapons depending on the levels.

Dead Zed 2 is currently one of the trending unlocked games and the main mission is to get rid of the zombies and walking strangers that tries get to your yard through the edge. As you get into higher levels, you’ll note there are other survivors hiding in the houses and you’ll have to work with them to complete the mission.

You can also swap through the weapons easily. Making headshots gives you the advantage of killing the next zombie with one shot. To make use of this game without limits in offices and schools, unblocked and hacked version is available online.