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About game

5/5 - (2 votes) it’s a multiplayer platform Battle Royale style game, mixed with a little bit of Super Smash Bros in it. You decide your username or create an account (The game is unlocked version of it, so you don’t have to worry about missing any features), pick up and choose between different skins and battle people from around the world in maps designed by developers or even the players.

Similar to other “io games”, the objective is to be the last player standing, and in this case, it all depends on how you handle the weight and momentum of your character.

How to handle the game

Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and use the “X” key to make your circle gain mass and be able to use the momentum generated from your extra weight to give stronger pushes to your adversaries.

At the same time, make use of the different platforms and pathways designed inside the map to move and be beaten off stage.

Don’t forget that making yourself heavier it also works as a blocking method.

Tricks and Hacks

The trick is to be able to anticipate your opponent’s movement and dodge their attacks while you prepare your own with the help of ramps and gaining speed after making yourself heavy if you do both of these things you’ll be able to dominate in every match and keep your winning streak going through different stages!


Io games are defined by how easy they are to play and how difficult they can become to master, so all you have to do is to keep practicing, and with every new round, you’ll learn a new strategy. It’s always good to remember that in you can find the unblocked version of the game and that you can play with a guest account or create your own so you could keep all your statistics and matches won throughout your playtime. Don’t wait more and start playing some!